ELKOPARS Company started its activity in 2002 and in 2008 it succeeded in officially registering and obtaining establishment license and from that year put the production of gas and vacuum disconnectors on its agenda.

In 2010, it produced gas disconnectors and in 2016, it added Sirtiri gas disconnectors to its products.


The ELKOPARS products are certifiated by reputable laboratories such as CESI, KEMA,ICMET and internal reputable laboratories such az niroo research institute ,EEPIL,TAVANIR .THE following products are offered by the ELKOPARS company with the best quality and lowest price at the least possible Time.

In addition to international valid type tests such as ICMET / KEMA / CESI, ELKOPARS's products have obtained the internal approval of Niroo Research Institute, as well as the approvals of most reputable electricity distribution companies in the country and offers the lowest price and the shortest possible delivery time to its customers.


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